Guava Barbeque Wood with US shipping included

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Hawaii Guava wood for smoking meats will make your mouth water with delicious anticipation at your next barbeque. Smoking meat is a time honored tradition and every BBQ grill master has his or her secrets from the kind of wood smoke, marinades and rubs to use, to create unique aromatic flavorful meats. If you have a basic backyard grill, give smoking meats a try if you haven't already.

Our exotic and hard to come by (unless you live in Hawaii), organically grown Guava wood is the perfect gift for your favorite meat smoker.

Orders received in the current month, will ship out the first week of the following month. The reason is that each box has to be inspected by the USDA office. This is a time consuming process so it makes sense to just do it all at one time.

You will receive 4 or more (depending on size) guava wood trunks and limbs cut approximately 8 inches long, with the bark on. The diameter size ranges from 3/4 inch to 2 inches. It is carefully packed in a small usps flat rate box and weighs more than 2 pounds.

We will cut fresh wood directly from our guava trees after we receive your order.

Sending fresh wood this way gives your cook complete creative control in how he or she likes his/her wood for smoking meat. Some people like to use fresh or green wood for the maximum amount of smoke and therefor flavor. Others like to season their wood, meaning letting it alone to dry out, for weeks to months, so it has the perfect moisture content in it. Some folks use a mix of green and seasoned wood.

Some barbeque-ers like to smoke with the bark on, and some off. Our bark is left on the wood and is unwashed. You may see lichen growing on it but it can easily be washed and scrubbed off when you receive it.

Cooks have their preference of using our versatile Guava wood as logs or cut chunks, cutting them as discs, or chopping them into wood chips. Some people like to soak their wood, and others don't. It also depends on whether you are using a gas grill, stove top smoker, electrical smoker, or have built your own smoke house.

Guava wood has a light smoke and imparts a subtle sweet fruity aroma similar to apple wood, that adds aromatic flavor to beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish. It can be uses alone or combined with other woods for your own unique flavor blend.

Guava is part of the Myrtle family of trees (Myrtaceae), that grow in tropical and subtropical regions. It grows from 10 - 20 feet high and has a smooth bark with nearly cylindrical trunks and limbs. The guava fruit is used for making jellies, jams, and juice. Guava wood is popular and has a long history in Hawaii of being used to smoke meats in an underground food smoker, called an Imu in Hawaiian. Kalua style pork is delicious!

The guava wood we offer is around 10 - 20 years old and growing wild on our property on the East side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

We cannot guarantee the results of your cooking, but can guarantee that you are purchasing organically grown guava wood from Hawaii Island.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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