Kona Brew Candle Longboard Recycled Bottle US Shipping Included

  • $ 30.00

Surf's Up! Longboard Island Lager is a favorite beer in the Hawaiian islands, made by the Kona Brewing Company. Chill out with our handmade Longboard beer bottle candle which only gives out good vibes!

This listing is for one candle.


"Waikiki Beach in Honolulu with Diamond Head in the background, is the birth place of longboard surfing. Kona Brewing pays tribute to this iconic place with our own Longboard Island lager. A spirited, crisp and refreshing brew. Longboard is a smooth ride all the way in."

The group photo shows some of the other beer varieties from the Kona Brewing Company.

Our beer candles make a great eco friendly gift any beer lover or eco conscious green person would enjoy and appreciate.

Recycling is fun! We up-cycle glass beer bottles into clean and long burning soy wax candles. Our bottles are carefully sorted, sanitized, washed & dried, cut by hand, sanded by hand, wash & dried again, then hand poured with unscented and undyed pure non-GMO soy wax. Unscented candles are preferred for dining and for people who have scent allergies. Soy wax is clean burning and does not produce black soot and harmful chemical vapors like paraffin wax candles do.

To dress up our beer bottles for gift giving, we choose a matching ribbon that we tie on vertically with a bow on top. It may not be same ribbon as in photo.

Each beer bottle is cut just above the label design and varies in height from 4 inches to 5 inches plus. We like to pour our candles fairly high, about 1/4" to 1/2" from the top for the longest possible burning candle.

Our candles burn approximately 50 - 60 hours AND has a self trimming all cotton fiber wick!

We re-purpose recycled bottles so there may be some minor surface imperfections on the label, which adds to the charm of these candles. We also cut these bottles by hand so the edge may have small imperfections, but is completely sanded for safety so there are no sharp edges.

After the candle has burned down, you can add a tea light or votive candle inside the bottle, or use as a handy container for things such as pencils and pens.


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