Eco Fire Starters 12 Macadamia Nuts or Shells Set with Shipping Included

  • $ 27.00

Our eco friendly fire starters make starting any fire super easy. Great for the campfire, fire pit, grill, or indoor fireplace.

Barbeque or grilled food just taste better with a fire started with our all natural fire starters, rather than using toxic chemical lighting fluid.

Our camp fire starters from the Big Island of Hawaii are handmade with real macadamia nut shells and dye free unscented soy wax! Besides starting a fire, they will also light up people to start talking as these original fire starters are a real conversation starter. A great man gift for your father, husband, grandfather, son, brother, boyfriend, Uncle, cousin or friend. Of course you don't have to be a man to enjoy these and to light a fire!

Macadamia nuts have a super hard shell with a high oil content, and the nuts are full of oil and fiber...why didn't anyone think of making camp fire lighters out of these before;)

Choose from the drop down menu if you want all shells, all nuts, or both.

Just place one or two macadamia nut fire starters (depending on the size of your fire) underneath and in the middle of your kindling, than light the firestarter wick and your kindling. Soon, your fire will be going on strong.

Do not use in stoves, or as a candle.

This is what our recent customer wrote in her feedback:

"I was so excited when I found these fire starters. There are a few different ones on the market, but they aren't safe to use for fires to cook food. My husband and I love to go camping, so having a fire starter that was hot dog friendly was important. They work perfectly for us as they are convenient to use and take a lot of the hassle out of getting the camp fire going".

Packaged eco friendly simple with sturdy brown recycled grocery bag paper wrap and twine with label on the outside as shown. All of the packaging can be burned or recycled.

This listing is for one package with 12 small fire starters (approx. 2" in diameter).

About the hibachi photos: We photographed the fire starters on a miniature iron hibachi grill made in Japan. It is from the early 1960's and was made as a novelty ash tray.

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